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1 Sep 011

Despite the lack of updates, Illstreet has continued to grow. We are now a premier manufacturer of advanced composites parts.


31 Mar 08


Release Date: 03/26/2008 Contact: Anna Huntley

Spartanburg Native and Owner of Carbon Fiber Car Hood Distributor
Is 2008 SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year for South Carolina

SPARTANBURG, S.C. - Chris, 23, is the 2008 U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
Chris is owner and CEO of Illstreet, the largest distributor of carbon fiber car hoods in
the United States. He was nominated by
Jill Burroughs, Director of the Clemson Regional Small Business Development Center, and Elaine Smith, owner of Benchmark Outsourcing Group.

"Ever since I can remember, I've been trying to sell, trade or buy things," Chris wrote in a paper for a class at Clemson
University. After receiving his own computer in sixth grade, he developed his first successful Web site. By high school, he had
combined his business acumen and love of computer code and - driven by his desire for expensive new car tires - started designing Web
sites for businesses on a referral basis.

In 2000, while he was still in high school, Chris started a non-profit regional Web forum for the advancement of motor sports. In
January 2004, as a freshman at Clemson University, he transformed the forum into Illstreet, a small Web-based company selling
carbon fiber car hoods - a $39 million industry - and Wings West body kits. This past summer, Illstreet
caught the attention of USA Today, which consulted Chris for an article on the rising cost of carbon fiber; his comments ran in USA Today on June 6, 2007.

Illstreet continues to not only thrive, but also grow. Harkening back to Chris's early entrepreneurial roots, Illstreet recently
acquired a Web consulting company to engage a new customer market. Through Illstreet's new consulting sector, Chris assists small
businesses with Web site design and hosting services.

Chris graduated with honors from Clemson in December 2007.

Chris will be honored at the SBA South Carolina District Office's small business awards ceremony, part of the Salute to
Small Business on Tuesday, April 1, at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.

All SBA programs and services are provided on a non-discriminatory basis.

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12 Aug 07

Illstreet now has over 1500 products for you to choose from. If you can not find the part you desire please contact us.


12 Aug 07

Illstreet now has over 1500 products for you to choose from. If you can not find the part you desire please contact us.


5 Feb 06

To better suit our customers' needs we have purchased the company that hosts our website and we will be upgrading the server to the latest and best hardware and software.


28 Dec 05

Illstreet is proud to announce projected out-of-state transactions in excess of $150,000 this year. Thank you for making this a successful year! As always, please email us with your suggestions to improve our customer service in the upcoming year.


20 Dec 04 Over the last month we have restructured our products and hope to have a more organized and easy-to-browse interface. We have also added many new hoods and roll bars. In addition, we have been able to lower prices on almost EVERY item thanks to you. Illstreet has made a great effort to search out new, high-quality products to offer to our customers. We have also been very busy planning the production of many new Illstreet brand items. Please check back frequently. If there is anything we can assist you with or if the item you are interested in is currently not listed please do not hesitate to call, ask for live help from an operator or email us. I look forward to speaking with you.

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In 2000, Illstreet began as a regional non-profit forum for the advancement of motor sports. After gaining a large following in the region, the website was renamed to target a more broad audience and Illstreet emerged. Illstreet’s name is derived from a slang term common on the United States west coast. “Ill” is an adjective that denotes approval and the “street” portion refers to the diverse group of automotive manufacturers we deal with. Five years later, we now offer some of the highest-quality parts and services you can find. We have tried to stick with our roots and still support forums for the Illstreet community to converse with one another while adding galleries, where Illstreet customers may store pictures of their cars, events or anything else they please.


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